Why Quality Flyers and Leaflets Can Make All The Difference

So you have that new product or service ready to launch, you've built a fantastic website, or added your new product or service to your current website and you're now ready to attract new customers

So you have that new product or service ready to launch, you've built a fantastic website, or added your new product or service to your current website and you're now ready to attract new customers, so what's next, simply advertise on social media? Send out a basic marketing email? Pay for Adwords?

The unfortunate thing about modern online marketing and web site advertising is that the whole industry is completely saturated to a degree that people have become so accustomed to seeing advertisements on their Facebook news feed, in their Twitter feed or on the websites that they frequent, so much that they subconsciously no longer see or take notice of the adverts and simple scroll past them or click away from them and as more and more companies compete for  advertising space many website owners will flood their visitors with advert after advert filling in every available space to a point that the customer simply clicks way, which is no good for the website owner who is relying on traffic to generate ad revenue.

We have all been on those annoying, slow website that seem to be 95% adverts, to be honest an advert ratio like this was only ever seen on the dodgy click-bait sites, you know the ones, the sites claiming to have that piece of celebrity gossip you wanted to read, and after mistakenly, or usually being tricked into clicking on a bunch of adverts due to the way the site loads you realise that the story was either made up nonsense consisting of a few paragraphs or didn't exist at all. Nowadays many legitimate website contain so many advertisements that people often mistake them for low quality click-bait sites, but what about the advertisers?

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Website advertising used to be a great tool for the online businesses looking to attract new customers to their service or products, even paid advertising mediums such as Google Adwords yielded a good conversion rate many years ago when the service was in it's infancy  but regrettably, over the years the whole system has been abused resulting a large percentage of what's known as fake clicks sometimes referred to an click-fraud, I mean think about the last paragraph where we spoke about those annoying website that are 95% percent adverts and how many times you have been tricked into or mistakenly clicked on adverts on one of these click-bait sites, you didn't want to visit the advertisers page, you had no interest in what product or service they where selling so you're not going to buy anything or be one of their clients, however the advertisers still has to pay for your click.

Does Click Fraud Prevention Actually Work

There are a growing number of online pay monthly systems claiming to prevent click fraud, don't be drawn in, these systems don't work, they never have and never will, have a good think about how this would work? To be honest it's just another type or fraud and some rogue click-fraud prevention companies will target and click on a companies paid ads spending all their funds before they call you to tell you that you might be the victim of click fraud, Yea no shit Sherlock!

If you do want to advertise online then forget banner advertising, box adverts, popup adverts etc and spend your money on getting your own company website to climb the search results, if you are a local plumber, painter and decorator, roofer etc then local organic SEO can be very cost effective, and if your customers can be reached offline then leaflets and flyers still work a treat and are very inexpensive nowadays due to low cost digital printing.

A double sided A5 flyer or Leaflet gives you so much space to get your message across and having your leaflets included in your local newspapers and delivered to local people is not very expensive these days and what is even less expensive is delivering the leaflets and flyers yourself or handing them out in town outside of your business.  I mean the NHS is always saying that everyone could do with more exercise.

In summary, don't dismiss leaflet printing and advertising simple because everything seems to be online nowadays, leaflets, flyers, banners etc all still work for local businesses so why don't you give it a try.