Should You Scrimp and Save When it Comes to Design and Print For Your Business?

Many people nowadays are wrongly choosing cost over quality and ending up with poor quality merchandise and even poorer quality design and it shows.

It’s a well known fact… Everyone wants a bargain, its part of our culture, why pay more for a product or a service that you could have got for less elsewhere? Why pay salesmen high rates of commission when you can cut them out by going direct to the supplier or manufacturer? These are all common sense statements but in the business world we have a term known as false economy, this is when an apparent financial saving that looks good at first glance does in fact lead to a much greater expenditure.

Examples of false economy can be found in all types of businesses, all niches and all services like the company who chooses a cheap, part time web designer – usually a friend of a friend or someone who dabbles in web design in their spare time – over a professional web developer or professional web design company and ends up needing the web site completely re-done from scratch when they realise that this person was not employed as a web designer because he or she wasn’t any good. Or the person who buys cheap double glazed windows and doors from a cold calling, smooth talking door to door salesman and then finds out their heating bills have increased because their home is now constantly losing heat due to the low quality poor energy efficient glass, and poorly fitted frames or even worse the homeowner suffers a break in due to the poor quality locks, hinges and frames.

Well it’s exactly the same when it comes to the design and print industry.

Many people nowadays are wrongly choosing cost over quality and ending up with poor quality merchandise and even poorer quality design and it shows. For some industries poor quality is actually fine and does no harm, for example, a person being handed a poorly designed flyer on thin, poor quality stock advertising a Car Boot Sale or Church Fete is not going to be swayed either way by the design and quality of the flyer they where handed. But what if the flyer is adverting a high end clothing brand, a luxury vehicle refurbishment garage, a professional web design agency or a UPVc window, door and conservatory company? Or any industry, business model or niche where you are looking for high quality products, impressive design or luxury merchandise?

To be honest there is not even a good reason for choosing a cheap design and print service, especially with new, modern, more efficient printing techniques and more affordable, digital printers… In fact opting for quality printing and quality stock or paper is not going to cost you a great deal more that it would it you went for the cheaper alternative and spending that little extra can mean the difference between a high or a low response from your flyers making choosing cheap flyers and cheap printing false economy.

What about Business Cards?

Cheap business cards are something I’ve never personally understood… In many situations the humble business card is your one and only chance to make a good impression so you don’t want to be going handing over some cheap, poorly designed, paper thin business card to a potential client or customer.

When it comes to your business, choosing quality over pricing will work out for the best every time and before you go online and search for things like cheap business cards or cheap flyers try contacting a professional printing company and get prices from them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and realise that online prices are not that much cheaper especially when you factor in postage costs.

Remember if you choose a local printer you can even collect your business cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers and compliment slips in person saving on postage and a most professional printing firms employ graphic designers these days so the design will be of a high quality too…

Why settle for pre-designed flyers or template business card design when you can have them designed to your exact specifications.

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