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Trusted Local offers the unique ability for users to find genuine, local tradesmen and businesses in your area. We only allow one company per sector, per area which allows us to fully vet the company/tradesman and ensure that our users are only dealing with genuine trustworthy companies and individuals.

Our unique one of a kind database lists every city, town, village and area in the United Kingdom meaning that you'll always find your own local business or tradesmen.

About Local Trusted

Local Trusted is an independent business and tradesmen listings website that focuses on local businesses. We list locksmiths, electricians, plumbers, plasterers, accountants, heating engineers, builders, bricklayers and more

What makes Local Trusted different - and popular with UK businesses and tradesmen - is the fact that we only promote one company per area and our focus and business model is based upon ranking business sectors and areas on the search engines rather that focusing of people coming to Local Trusted and using its sector/area search function.

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